Catering Request Procedures


To request for Catering Services, log on to

scroll down and click on the catering icon and follow procedures below:


1. Click on "catering request form" and "Order Guide for Catering Services" links below.

2. Fill complete request form and use our order guide to choose your meals.  

3. Submit a request to your site Lead, Child Nutrition Specialist- For DO ( District Office, please submit your request with the Lead, Child Nutrition Specialist at San Ysidro Middle School; with Ms. Ana Bush EXT 3292

4. To guarantee the best quality service all requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the event. Any requests submitted less than two weeks in advance may be subject to additional charges.

5. The person initiating the request shall coordinate the meeting room with the appropriate department.

6. Scheduled time and a designated area for the Child Nutrition Department to set-up & clean-up shall be included in the request form.

7. An invoice will be e-mailed to contact person after the event.

CONTACT INFORMATION:  619-428-4476 EXT. 3011 or 3010

NOTE: All menu items include necessary plates, napkins, and utensils. Items will be decoratively displayed in baskets or on trays. Please leave these serving items at the site for pick up. Additional charges will be charged for any missing non-disposable serving items.


CATERING REQUEST FORM (Interdepartmental Fund Charge)

Order Guide for Catering Services (for adults/staff only)

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Downloadable Items

PDF CNS Catering Menu .pdf
PDF Lead, Child Nutrition Specialist by site .pdf